1. Why Does Scent Bring Back Memories?

    Scent has played a key part in human history, going as far back as Ancient Egypt, through the Renaissance, and still playing a significant part in modern life. Scent works its way into our brain and affect our memories, our emotions, and even our behaviour. Scent is the way in which we understand what food we are eating, what substances might be dangerous to us, and even the way we are attracted to other people. How Does It Work? Smell is an amazing thing. It can take you back through time – to your childhood, to a relationship with an old flame, or to that holiday you’ll never forget. For many people, the smell of chlorine wafting through the air brings back memories of summers spent in the pool. In the same way, the smell of fresh baking might harken back to afternoons spent with grandma, or a certain scent might remind you of the one your mother used to put on when she was getting ready to go out. Our noses have an amazing way of sniffing out

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  2. A Short History of Candles

    Candle Origins Before candles were a popular way to relax in the bath, to add fragrance to your home or create a romantic atmosphere, they were actually used primarily for their function – to give light, and heat. Candles have been used to illuminate for thousands of years, but very little is known about their origin. What we do know, is that the first candles were not wicked, as modern candles are. It is thought that the first candles were developed by the ancient Egyptians in 3,000 B.C.E, who created torches by soaking reeds in animal fats which acted as a kind of wick. Other evidence suggests that the earliest candles were made in China during the Qin Dynasty, using whale fat, and it has also been suggested that India may have begun using candles around the same time, using the waxy residue that is left when cinnamon is boiled. Regardless of which culture should be credited with creating this first candle prototype, it is generally agreed among historians that it
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  3. Using The Sun Garden to Heat Your Home

    terracotta_pot_heater_experiment_2_web-1024x659 What Are Flower Pot Heaters? As well as emitting delicate fragrance within your home environment, The Sun Garden’s heavenly range of all-natural palm wax candles can also be a great way of generating heat, to add warmth and comfort to smaller spaces within your home. Though candles produce a suitable amount of heat all on their own, with the addition of a couple of simple and inexpensive household items, you can turn your candles into an efficient ‘flower-pot heater’. This simple but effective method allows natural, affordable terracotta pots (that you may already have around the house) to collect the heat from a lit candle and concentrate it, radiating it out into any room of your house. This method results in the heat the candle produces being more available to the immediate area, giving you access to more heat than a naked flame alone. The basic method involves creating a two-layered structure from your pots, with a small assembly underneath, and is
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  4. Five Must Have Candles This Spring

    Spring is here. The warm weather is addictive, while the scent of the fresh flowers and air is simply fabulous. Spring is a time to get your home styled for the new season, as well as clean out the old and unusable things you have collected. It is also about making your home smell just as nice and clean as it looks. Candles are a big help, with decor, as well as making your home smell fresh. These are the top five candles everyone is raving about this year, and the candles that should be bought and placed in their home!

    White Sage.

    This candle is the fresh and clean scent that many people are looking for their home. The smell is clean, fresh, and gives off great vibes. Sage is also known for blessing your home and making it feel as if your home is happy, healthy, and free of anything negative. This candle will make your home feel and smell fantastic. It is a simply irresistible candle to have for spring cleaning.  
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  5. Palm Wax Vs Soy Wax; The Difference Between The Two.

    Soy wax is very popular for many things, including making scented candle wax. However, there is another wax that is being used now, and seems to be becoming more popular than soy wax. It's called palm wax. Not many people know a lot about it, but those who do swear that it's the best to use for so many reasons. This post will look into the differences between both palm and soy wax, and see which one is better to use. See which wax you will enjoy using more; palm or soy!   One of the big differences between these waxes is that Palm wax is 100% bio gradable and water soluble. However, soy wax can only be water soluble and bio gradable if it is pure. Though both of these vegetable waxes can be bio gradable and water soluble, the only one that can be at any time is palm wax. Sometimes there are impure ingredients put in soy wax to make it not bio gradable and water soluble. This makes palm wax easier and safer to use, rather than the mostly used soy wax.   Another great,

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  6. The Perks Of Holiday Candles.

    When the holidays finally come around, many people tend to find themselves in  a happy, grateful mood. The holidays tend to make people forget their troubles for a while so they can focus on what's really important in their lives; family, friends, and being healthy. However, sometimes it takes a little extra nudge to get people in the mood for the holidays. That can be something as small as a holiday-oriented candle scent. There are many holiday candles out there, and there are just as many reasons why holiday candles are absolutely amazing. Here is just a few of those reasons.   One big reason holiday candles are so good is that they get people pumped for the coming holidays. Sure, many people count down the days until Halloween comes around, or even Christmas, Valentines day, and even Easter. But, there are some that need to simply find a candle that reminds them of the specific holiday,

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  7. The Gift of Scent; Why Scented Candles Make a Good Gift

    When giving a gift, many things come to mind during the buying process. What does he or she like? What can I buy while also saving money? And, most importantly, what does he or she need for the home that I can give them? That's where candles come in! Candles make great gifts for several reasons. They are inexpensive, they can be a part of a theme gift, and it's the gift that keeps on giving! If you know someone that has a birthday coming up, and you need to buy them something, read on to see why you should buy them a candle! The number one reason is that candles are inexpensive. Scented candles usually don't cost more than twenty dollars. You can save a lot of money by giving a sweet and thoughtful gift for someone. Candles make great gifts for people of all ages. They are especially great gifts for young girls and women! Candles are great gifts for any occasion, too, whether it's a birthday gift, Valentines gift, or a just because gift! Candles are the perfect, inexpensive gift to give

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  8. Natural Wax Candles – The Renewable and More Efficient Choice

    The aromatic scent and the warm flickers of a flame can create a wonderful ambiance in your home. Unfortunately, those trusty paraffin candles can disperse not just aromatic fragrances but also toxins that can cause numerous problems, such as health problems, stains on walls/ceilings and pollution. This is why it is important to choose Soy candles because, in the long run, it spells the difference between harm and health.

    What are Natural Candles?

    Natural candles are made from renewable resources such as beeswax, soy and palm oil.  These candles are better alternatives for regular paraffin candles for a number of reasons such as their efficiency and safety. Undeniably, candles from natural wax can make your home a healthier place compared to regular candles.

    What Makes Natural Candles Different?

    Natural candles are different from regular paraffin candles because they don’t pollute
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  9. Perfect Candle Scents from Summer to Spring to Every Season in Between

    Candles happen to be the perfect choice for dispersing wonderful fragrances inside the home. Aside from that, candles have the ability to transform a corner into a romantic place and they are perfectly capable of making your home smell good for long periods of time. Undeniably, people have distinct preferences when it comes to fragrances. There are those who stick to flowery scents, those who love the cool smell of herb scents and those who adore to smell vanilla in their homes. There are also pastry smells that can make a home welcoming. Needless to say, there are scents which simply suit the seasons. Here are some of the best seasonal smells that will tease your nostrils.

    Cool and Fresh Fragrances that have a Essence of Summer

    The warm and bright summertime is the perfect season to throw open the windows and let the breeze waft through the house. Lemongrass has a clean and fresh smell that will make people think that you just cleaned your
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  10. Benefits of Soy Candles versus Paraffin Candles

    Soy candles are getting a lot of hype these days as they are considered to be a better alternative to regular paraffin candles. A lot of benefits are associated with these candles and they happen to be cost effective and renewable.

    Soy Candles – Are They A Better Choice?

    Using candles made from soy wax is a wonderful way to help not just the environment but also the local farmers. Most people find it difficult to break free of the habit of using paraffin candles because using an all natural alternative, such as beeswax, is more expensive. Natural soy candles, however, burn twice as long as regular paraffin candles making them more efficient. Plus these candles are cheaper than the regular paraffin candles.

    Where Do Soy Candles Come From?

    Soy candles come from soybeans which are truly versatile products. As a high protein source, soy has been part of the recommended healthy diet for years.
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