1. Why Does Scent Bring Back Memories?

    Scent has played a key part in human history, going as far back as Ancient Egypt, through the Renaissance, and still playing a significant part in modern life. Scent works its way into our brain and affect our memories, our emotions, and even our behaviour. Scent is the way in which we understand what food we are eating, what substances might be dangerous to us, and even the way we are attracted to other people. How Does It Work? Smell is an amazing thing. It can take you back through time – to your childhood, to a relationship with an old flame, or to that holiday you’ll never forget. For many people, the smell of chlorine wafting through the air brings back memories of summers spent in the pool. In the same way, the smell of fresh baking might harken back to afternoons spent with grandma, or a certain scent might remind you of the one your mother used to put on when she was getting ready to go out. Our noses have an amazing way of sniffing out

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  2. Differences Between Diffusers and Room Oils

    These days, home fragrance products are getting a lot of attention. If you ever find yourself confused about diffusers and essential oils, here’s a rundown of  the basic things that you should know about them.

    Diffusers Vs. Room Oils

    Diffusers and room oils are actually used together not in lieu of each other. Room oils carry the scent and, if you want the room to smell like the oil, you will need a diffuser. These complementary goods are quite a pair and together they can be used to dispense the scent of your choice inside your home. Plants are the largest source of fragrant compounds used in perfumery and most room oils are derived from blossoms and aromatic herbs. Diffusers, on the other hand, vary greatly and work differently; they can be powered by heat, electricity or created from simple things inside the home.

    Essential Oils - Kinds and Uses

    Essential room oils pertain
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