Five Must Have Candles This Spring

Spring is here. The warm weather is addictive, while the scent of the fresh flowers and air is simply fabulous. Spring is a time to get your home styled for the new season, as well as clean out the old and unusable things you have collected. It is also about making your home smell just as nice and clean as it looks. Candles are a big help, with decor, as well as making your home smell fresh. These are the top five candles everyone is raving about this year, and the candles that should be bought and placed in their home!

White Sage.

This candle is the fresh and clean scent that many people are looking for their home. The smell is clean, fresh, and gives off great vibes. Sage is also known for blessing your home and making it feel as if your home is happy, healthy, and free of anything negative. This candle will make your home feel and smell fantastic. It is a simply irresistible candle to have for spring cleaning.  

Violet Lime.

This candle brings together the beautiful floral aspect with a twinge of fruity goodness. The lime scent is sweet, vague, and decadent, while the beautiful violet smell will embrace you and make you feel like you are standing in a violet garden. It is a great springtime candle and one that will cleanse your home and make your home smell fresh and fabulous.  


This candle lives up to its name. The scent is fresh and innocent, and makes you feel as if you are a child at play. It does great to give your home a sweet, light scent and to make your home look spring ready and feel good about the current year. The warmth of the candle will embrace you and help you journey through the beautiful spring months.  

Walk in the Woods.

Spring is all about exploration and enjoying the great outdoors. You get just that with this magnificent candle. You can make your home smell as if you are communicating with nature, and your home is a big, beautiful stretch of forests. It can cleanse your home of any unpleasant smells, and give your home a sweet, woodsy scent.  


This sweet little candle will make your home smell warm and inviting! The sweet, light scent gives your home a sweet, freshened smell, and it also fills your home with good vibes and pleasant thoughts. It is a great candle to have for spring, and the name alone is very spring themed!   There are many candles to choose from. We all like to buy a candle or two every once in awhile to make our abode smell fresh, clean, and lively. These five candles will make the rest of your spring season absolutely sweet, fresh, and enjoyable. Give one of these candles a try and see how nice your home will smell. Your family, as well as any guests, are sure to thank you for making your home smell so amazing!