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Our Wholesale Program

At the Sun Garden, we are passionate about our products. Each new candle is tested for a clean even burn, strong scent throw, and safety. Our tea is fresh and sourced from the finest locations around the world for the best, purist flavor. Our bath and body products continue to evolve into new or better products as we receive valuable product feedback from both testers and actual customers. All of our products are made with the minimum reasonable chemical processes and preservatives to ensure a safe and quality product.

Not only will we provide the highest standard in quality products, but we will form a true partnership where we help each other grow. Our wholesale program will always be the best way to stock the shelves at 50% off retail pricing. If you require financing terms or have your own shipping courier/account to use, please feel free to discuss that once we reach out in response to your inquiry.

Nothing is more powerful of a selling tool than having the products in hand.  Our candles have an impressive sparkle that can only be experienced up close.  The strong cold throw scent will make candles an easy sale.  Also, having some tea to demo, you can show customers the freshness of full loose leaf tea.  Before you even brew a cup, the rich aroma of the fresh tea speaks for itself to the freshness and rich flavor of the teas.  Whether you want to stock the product in stores, have them on hand to sell online, at parties, or at events, you will receive a 50% discount on tea and candle products.  You make the purchase upfront with the low $100 minimum order, we fill your order fresh, normally within two weeks, and you will be ready to sell.