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  • Favorite Candle Scents

  • Pink Lilac and Willow

    An irresistible pleasure blending notes of blue willow, water lilies, lilac blossoms, muguet, linden blossoms, wild bamboo, magnolia fields, mandarin leaf nuances, and subtle musk.

  • Sun Drenched Vineyard

    The sweet aroma of orange and tart peel of grapefruit will mix with a delicious organic product fragrance to make a lift to your home as woody tones would draw out the vineyard subject.

  • Vanilla

    This is the all astounding and worth acquiring Vanilla scented flame. Change your crucial events into a more nostalgic one or your evening times into something stand-out with this boggling scent.

  • Monkey Farts

    Our Monkey Farts scented flame is a mix of fresh banana, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, air pocket gum and sentiments of vanilla. This fun tropical fragrance will have your home seeing grand, and fill your home paying little regard to which room you have the light.

  • Cedar Sage and Blackberry

    The Cedar, Sage and Blackberry scent is a beautiful, calming, herbaceous blend of fresh sage, woody cedar and sweet, and dark blackberry.

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At the Sun Garden, we are passionate about our products. Our tea is fresh and sourced from the finest locations around the world for the best, purist flavor. We have a wide selection of organic and flavored tea. Our candles are all hand poured with beautiful natural palm wax from certified sustainable farms. Each new candle is tested for a clean even burn, strong scent throw, and safety.

Not only will we provide the highest standard in quality products, but we will form a true partnership where we help each other grow. Our wholesale program will always be the best way to stock the shelves at 50% off retail pricing. Don't have room for all the products we offer? Let us handle the shipping logistics and place the order on our site using your account. You will receive a 30% discount on our price, and we will ship directly to your customer.

  • 30% Off

    Drop-ship Program:

    Want to sell our tea and candles directly without keeping products in your inventory or worrying about shipping?  Sign up for our Drop-ship program!  This will allow you to collect your own orders and payments at your own online store, a kiosk, parties, etc.  You set the price you want to sell the products at, you order the products on our site to ship directly to your customers, you receive a 30% off discount, and you keep the difference!  Products are shipped without our name on the package and no enclosed invoice.

  • 50% Off

    Wholesale Program:

    Nothing is more powerful of a selling tool than having the products in hand.  Our candles have an impressive sparkle that can only be experienced up close.  The strong cold throw scent will make candles an easy sale.  Also, having some tea to demo, you can show customers the freshness of full loose leaf tea.  Before you even brew a cup, the rich eroma of the fresh tea speaks for itself to the freshness and rich flavor of the teas.  Whether you want to stock the product in stores, have them on hand to sell online, at parties, or at events, you will receive a 50% discount on tea and candle products.  You make the purchase upfront with the low $100 minimum order, we fill your order fresh within two weeks, and you will be ready to sell.