1. Rooibos Tea and It's Numerous Health Benefits

    Rooibos tea also known as Red Bush only thrives in Cape Town, South Africa’s Cedarberg region. This drink has been popular for generations and even if its cultivation is limited to this region, it has gained popularity in many parts of the world. Rooibos tea has a lot of health benefits making it sought after and highly appealing to individuals who are looking for the perfect tea brew.

    1. It contains antioxidants. Rooibos tea may not be as popular as green tea but it has antioxidants that fight the free radicals that attack the body’s healthy cells. Rooibos tea contains a number of antioxidants known as nothofagin and aspalathin. This tea also contains polyphenols that can protect the body from heart ailments.
    2. Anticarcinogenic Properties. Due to the dominance of various antioxidants that possess anti-cancer/anti-mutagenic properties, various studies show that drinking rooibos tea has a hand in defending cells and inhibiting cancer development.
    3. It
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  2. How to Make Herbal Liquor infusions

    Herbal infusions may seem to be old fashioned and too medicinal but there are a lot of liquids that can have a better taste with the help of some herbs.  Drinking tea may seem to be one of the most popular ways to include herbs in one’s drink but if tea is not your thing, herbal liquor infusions are great alternatives.  You do not have to freak out at the thought of adding herbal flavors to your spirits because they can add flavor and a hint of spice making the drink well worth your time and interest.

    Why Make Herbal Liquor Infusions

    For one, these infusions can last virtually forever and you will capture the fresh herbal tastes with a bottle of alcohol. On the other hand, if you are into health drinks, you can use these herbal liquor infusions for medicinal purposes. Depending on the herbs that you add to the liquor, you can make a concoction that can aid your digestion or make the perfect winter drink that's useful when you
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  3. How to Make Herbal Oil Infusions

    Herbal oils have a lot of uses! They can be used on their own but they are also a great base for balms and salves. You can actually purchase the herbal oil but you can also make it. Infusing oil with herbs is actually easy to do even for those who have no experience in doing it. In fact, if you know how to boil water, you will have no problem in making your very own herbal oil infusion.

    Choosing Your Oil

    The first thing that you would have to do while you are in the process of making your herbal oil infusion is to choose the oil. There are 3 factors that you have to consider when you are making a choice as to the best oil, that is, sustainability, skin sensitivity, and availability. People who are in the herbal oil creation business suggest organic olive oil for herbal infusion due to its ability to resist oxidation and the stability of the oil. However, you can also use sunflower, coconut, sweet almond, apricot, grape seed or even
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  4. How to Make Herbal Vinegar Infusions

    Vinegar is one of the handiest condiments around the kitchen and they have a way of lending a complex taste to everyday dishes. But you don’t have to just settle for plain old vinegar when you can spice it up with the help of herbs which are widely available. Herbal vinegar is just the thing to have in one of those cupboards.

    Whether you are preparing a dip for one of your dishes, a salad dressing or you are making your special homemade sauce, herbal vinegar has the right undertone for a distinct and tangy taste that will tickle the taste buds. Aside from being great for your culinary experiments, they also make great gifts especially if you are known for making them really well. Due to the acidity of vinegar, the concoction can last for months but if you have a great blend, they wouldn't be left untouched for long.

    What Kind of Herb Should You Use?

    There are a lot of herbs out there! It’s totally up to you what
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