Our Story

Located in the Rochester, New York area, The Sun Garden is your gift shop bringing green living enthusiasts and tea lovers’ tasty premium tea, natural scented candles, and nourishing bath and body products.

When we started this company in 2007, the world was starting to take a careful look at the poisons we use in our food. As organic trends continued to grow, other companies took suit. Natural fiber clothing, safe cleaning products, etc. We saw a more general trend, that nature is good. We had been husband and wife for just months when we started The Sun Garden to help bring nature and good vibes into people's homes.

Our Approach

By 2013, we had a solid history of selling carefully selected natural soy candles. They were the popular choice in natural candles, and they offered so many advantages over paraffin candles you are likely to find at discount chains, even America's best loved candle. We decided to take the next step and start developing our own candle line. We chose natural fragrance oils, cotton wicks, and American made glass. Then, through much research and trial and error, we came to love palm wax over the alternatives. It's not chemically treated, hydrogenated, or altered with stearic acid like soy wax is. Our palm wax is from certified sustainable farms and completely natural. On July 4th 2014, having completed testing and perfecting the process, our first candles were available for sale.

Our Mission

While the scale has grown considerably since then, we still make our candles the way we started, by hand. Each candle is hand wicked, hand poured, even hand labeled. It takes time, but more importantly, it takes care. That is the positivity we want to bring into everyone's home. When we started making bath and body products, we put in the same care. Everything is made by hand with as natural of components we can safely offer. Our mission is to take healthy, hand crafted goods main-stream nationally in households across the country.

Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.