1. How to Make Herbal Liquor infusions

    Herbal infusions may seem to be old fashioned and too medicinal but there are a lot of liquids that can have a better taste with the help of some herbs.  Drinking tea may seem to be one of the most popular ways to include herbs in one’s drink but if tea is not your thing, herbal liquor infusions are great alternatives.  You do not have to freak out at the thought of adding herbal flavors to your spirits because they can add flavor and a hint of spice making the drink well worth your time and interest.

    Why Make Herbal Liquor Infusions

    For one, these infusions can last virtually forever and you will capture the fresh herbal tastes with a bottle of alcohol. On the other hand, if you are into health drinks, you can use these herbal liquor infusions for medicinal purposes. Depending on the herbs that you add to the liquor, you can make a concoction that can aid your digestion or make the perfect winter drink that's useful when you
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