1. Using The Sun Garden to Heat Your Home

    terracotta_pot_heater_experiment_2_web-1024x659 What Are Flower Pot Heaters? As well as emitting delicate fragrance within your home environment, The Sun Garden’s heavenly range of all-natural palm wax candles can also be a great way of generating heat, to add warmth and comfort to smaller spaces within your home. Though candles produce a suitable amount of heat all on their own, with the addition of a couple of simple and inexpensive household items, you can turn your candles into an efficient ‘flower-pot heater’. This simple but effective method allows natural, affordable terracotta pots (that you may already have around the house) to collect the heat from a lit candle and concentrate it, radiating it out into any room of your house. This method results in the heat the candle produces being more available to the immediate area, giving you access to more heat than a naked flame alone. The basic method involves creating a two-layered structure from your pots, with a small assembly underneath, and is
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