1. How to Make Herbal Salts

    We all know how important salt is to everyone’s kitchen as it adds taste to a meal. Aside from improving a specific meal’s taste, it also has several health benefits if used properly.  Some of the health benefits it brings are listed below:

    • Helps in water retention.
    • Stimulates muscle contraction.
    • Stimulates adrenalin gland.
    • Prevents muscle cramps.
    • Keeps calcium and other minerals in the bloodstream.
    • Helps during the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
    These benefits are proof that salt is not synonymous to any toxic materials. Yes, excessive usage may lead to several illnesses, but failing to take in an adequate amount could also result in negative effects. Salts may be incorporated to herbs -- an option in order for you to be able to put in an additional health benefit or two.  Herbs are great antioxidants which help protect your body from illnesses such as infections and cancer.  Also,
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