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Candles are a favorite all over the world, and The Sun Garden offers a selection of luxurious candles that are second to none.

Our range of elegant candles not only make an attractive addition to any décor, but also throw intoxicating scent around your home, providing enchanting fragrance and a soft glow.

Our stunning collection of fragrances include fresh, clean “Outdoor Scents”, warming “Fall Scents”, sweet and juicy “Fruit Scents”, balmy “Tropical Scents” and even festive “Holiday Scents”. This broad range of scents will offer something for everyone, and for every home.

Choose from our extensive range of invigorating scents to infuse the rooms in your house, and add The Sun Garden touch to your home!  

Candles provide a stylish and delicate touch to any room, and make a great gift for someone who deserves pampering.

The Sun Garden’s range embraces the finest fragrances and assembles them into groups according to their scent and experience they offer, to make it easier for you to select the right candles for your needs.

Our extensive range of beautiful crystalline candles are arranged according to the type of scents they encompass, including ‘Outdoor,’ ‘Tropical,’ and ‘Fall’. This provides you with the best way to navigate your way around our site, and locate the candle that appeals to you.

Candles are an excellent way to fragrance your surroundings and add warmth and light to any space, and because our all-natural candles offer a large amount of aroma and burn time per ounce, they provide excellent value for money. Selected candles from our range trickle scent when not in use, infusing your home with fragrance even when the candle is not lit.

Made from beautiful, pure palm wax, these candles are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. The nature of natural palm wax means that our stunning range of candles have a beautiful crystalline finish that sparkles, making them not only fragrant but an attractively handcrafted piece to suit any home, and any décor. The candles are also non-toxic which makes them safe to use around animals and children. In fact, they are so natural you could eat them! For this reason, our superior selection of exquisitely scented candles are also 100% bio-degradable and water soluble making them an ecologically sensitive option. The nature of pure palm wax means that when it burns it produces 80% less soot than other candles. This means it produces minimal air pollution despite its long burning time, making it a healthier and safer choice for your family and your home. Palm wax is also claimed to produce a brighter flame than other types of wax, providing extra light in its soft glow. Take one home today to see why our natural scented candles are the best scented candles.