Natural Wax Candles – The Renewable and More Efficient Choice

Natural Wax Candles – The Renewable and More Efficient Choice
The aromatic scent and the warm flickers of a flame can create a wonderful ambiance in your home. Unfortunately, those trusty paraffin candles can disperse not just aromatic fragrances but also toxins that can cause numerous problems, such as health problems, stains on walls/ceilings and pollution. This is why it is important to choose Soy candles because, in the long run, it spells the difference between harm and health.

What are Natural Candles?

Natural candles are made from renewable resources such as beeswax, soy and palm oil.  These candles are better alternatives for regular paraffin candles for a number of reasons such as their efficiency and safety. Undeniably, candles from natural wax can make your home a healthier place compared to regular candles.

What Makes Natural Candles Different?

Natural candles are different from regular paraffin candles because they don’t pollute the air inside your home. Candles which are made from organic materials are safer to burn, especially inside your home.  This should give you an assurance that you are not harming the health of your loved ones and living space. Organic candles are also made from renewable materials and choosing these candles are cheaper than opting for petroleum-based paraffin candles.  Best of all, natural candles are biodegradable, this means that you don’t have to worry about increasing the load of those landfills.

Why Choose Natural Candles Over Regular Paraffin Candles?

Over the years, new studies have drawn attention to the negative effects of regular paraffin candles to the environment and to the air quality especially when they are lit inside an enclosed space. It’s a good thing that you can still burn candles without fearing for your health and that of the people inside your home. This can be done by making use of natural candles which can easily take the place of your trusty paraffin candles minus the toxins. Here are more reasons why you should set those paraffin candles aside and choose to go natural:
  • Natural candles are good for the environment.  First off, they are biodegradable and they are renewable. Plus, the raw materials used in making these candles are naturally grown.
  • Purchasing organic candles mean better prospects for organic agriculture. Keep in mind that without buyers, farmers engaged in producing the raw materials for these candles will have no source of income.
  • Natural candles generally have a better burn quality. In natural candles, the wax burns evenly so the candle tends to burn longer than regular paraffin candles. This means that organic candles are more efficient and practical.
  • Organic candles are non-toxic. Even when burned, these candles do not emit toxins that can be potentially harmful. This implies that you can burn them indoors without fearing that they might compromise the quality of the air you breathe.
  • Natural candles have little to no soot. Soot from burning paraffin candles can be a big problem because it can damage the walls in your home and the black hues that it leaves can be difficult to conceal. This is not a problem for natural candles because it emits little to no soot and if it does have soot, the soot is not detectable as it is usually white.