How to Make Herbal Liquor infusions

 How to Make Herbal Liquor infusions
Herbal infusions may seem to be old fashioned and too medicinal but there are a lot of liquids that can have a better taste with the help of some herbs.  Drinking tea may seem to be one of the most popular ways to include herbs in one’s drink but if tea is not your thing, herbal liquor infusions are great alternatives.  You do not have to freak out at the thought of adding herbal flavors to your spirits because they can add flavor and a hint of spice making the drink well worth your time and interest.

Why Make Herbal Liquor Infusions

For one, these infusions can last virtually forever and you will capture the fresh herbal tastes with a bottle of alcohol. On the other hand, if you are into health drinks, you can use these herbal liquor infusions for medicinal purposes. Depending on the herbs that you add to the liquor, you can make a concoction that can aid your digestion or make the perfect winter drink that's useful when you are not feeling all too well. These herbal liquors are also perfect gifts especially when you make a good infusion. Plus, it is very easy to make that you wouldn't need a lot of practice and knowledge to make your very own herb infused liquor.

Choosing Your Alcohol

Naturally, the base of the infusion is alcohol. It is recommended to use a base which is at least 37% alcohol but it would be better if you choose a base with a higher alcohol content. Given this criteria, you will have rum, vodka, whisky and brandy in your list of choices for a base. However, as much as possible, stay away from gin as it is already infused with herbs.

Mixing Your Herbs with Alcohol

Ratio of herbs to alcohol

Per cup of alcohol, a few tablespoons of herbs will suffice. You can also add a bit of sugar although it is a personal preference. It would be better to add less sugar as you can always add more later should you decide that you prefer a sweeter herbal liquor infusion.

Ratio of sugar to alcohol

A tablespoon of sugar for every cup of alcohol will suffice but you can add as much as ¼ cup of sugar for every cap of alcohol if you want sweeter liquor.

Herbal liquor mixture

Once you have everything you need, just mix all ingredients together in a sterilized jar and label it. You can experiment with the portions of herb and alcohol. Shake the jar well so that the sugar will dissolve and store the mixture in a cool and dark place. At least once a day, shake the mixture and allow it to sit for about a month. After that, you can strain the herbs and pour the mixture in a clean bottle. Allow the mixture to sit for another month but keep in mind that the taste of the liquor will mellow with the passage of time.

A Parting Note

If, upon tasting the mixture, you realize that you want it sweeter, you can always add sugar. This is simply a straightforward guide on how an herbal liquor infusion is made, you can search for recipes as to the best way to combine herbs, that is, if you don’t plan to experiment with herbal liquors on your own.