Differences Between Diffusers and Room Oils

Differences Between Diffusers and Room Oils
These days, home fragrance products are getting a lot of attention. If you ever find yourself confused about diffusers and essential oils, here’s a rundown of  the basic things that you should know about them.

Diffusers Vs. Room Oils

Diffusers and room oils are actually used together not in lieu of each other. Room oils carry the scent and, if you want the room to smell like the oil, you will need a diffuser. These complementary goods are quite a pair and together they can be used to dispense the scent of your choice inside your home. Plants are the largest source of fragrant compounds used in perfumery and most room oils are derived from blossoms and aromatic herbs. Diffusers, on the other hand, vary greatly and work differently; they can be powered by heat, electricity or created from simple things inside the home.

Essential Oils - Kinds and Uses

Essential room oils pertain to fragrant and highly concentrated liquids which are usually extracted from plants. They are popular because of the role that they play in aroma therapy and their health benefits. Even a few drops of these room oils can go a long way as far as home fragrance is concerned. When dispersing the scent of an essential oil in a room, a carrier oil is needed. These carriers are needed to prevent rapid evaporation and to dilute the essential oil’s concentration. Common essential oils available in the market includes clove oil which is an aphrodisiac, and at the same time, it can give you relief from nasal congestion. The all-time favorite scent, lemon, can help you feel less anxious, and it is a great antidepressant. The essential oil extracted from basil, the popular food garnishing, is known to relieve headaches while the subtle scent of lavender can help people with insomnia and the fragrance calms a person’s nerves. Scents can surely improve the ambiance in a home, you can use a single scent or be creative and combine scents. Once you settle on a desirable fragrance, you’d need an oil diffuser to disperse your fragrance of choice.

Oil Diffusers and How They Work

Dispersing an aroma inside your home or in certain areas in your place can be done with the help of diffusers. Scent dispersion can be done by using a tissue containing the oil, adding essential oils to steam or using a candle but these methods are not highly recommended as they inhibit the essential oil’s ability to last longer and they strip the oil from its therapeutic capabilities. Your best option is to settle for a diffuser which comes in the form of Terra cota, electric, lamp rings, oil burners and more.

A Final Note on Diffusing Essential Oils

The scent is one of the first things that will help you form an impression abut a place. Whether it is foul or pleasurable, odors have a way of influencing a person’s mood and state of mind.  Adding a distinctive fragrance to your place can be done in a number of ways but one of the best ways to make a room smell awesome is with essential room oils which are best used with a great diffusing method.