1. How to Make Herbal Vinegar Infusions

    Vinegar is one of the handiest condiments around the kitchen and they have a way of lending a complex taste to everyday dishes. But you don’t have to just settle for plain old vinegar when you can spice it up with the help of herbs which are widely available. Herbal vinegar is just the thing to have in one of those cupboards.

    Whether you are preparing a dip for one of your dishes, a salad dressing or you are making your special homemade sauce, herbal vinegar has the right undertone for a distinct and tangy taste that will tickle the taste buds. Aside from being great for your culinary experiments, they also make great gifts especially if you are known for making them really well. Due to the acidity of vinegar, the concoction can last for months but if you have a great blend, they wouldn't be left untouched for long.

    What Kind of Herb Should You Use?

    There are a lot of herbs out there! It’s totally up to you what
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