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natural candles

  • Why Does Scent Bring Back Memories?

    Ever wonder why a certain smell can take you to a certain place in time from your past? Ever wonder what scent will be tied to your life now?
  • Sensual Massage: How to Use Candles to Make Him Want More

    Just in time for Valentines Day, give him an extra special gift you don't even have to buy. Just use The Sun Garden candle you already have (or get a few fresh spa candles) and some massage oil.
  • A Short History of Candles

    Sure candles have been around a long time, but it didn't start where you think. Read the origin story you never knew.
  • Five Must Have Candles This Spring

    Spring is a time filled with warm weather and breathtaking scents. We all love to buy candles and have our house smell as fresh and clean as the outdoors, but there are so many different scents to choose from. If you love candles and want to celebrate the spring with a candle, we can help. These are five candles you need for your home this spring. Take a look and buy a candle now!
  • The Perks Of Holiday Candles.

    Sometimes the best gifts are small, everyday items. This is especially true for candles. But, these aren't just any candles, they are holiday themed candles! Need to be more convinced? Check out this blog and why holiday candles are the best gift idea when getting someone a present!
  • The Gift of Scent; Why Scented Candles Make a Good Gift

    Candles do so much for being such a small item. People around the world fall in love with these candles every day, and for good reason. Many people don't realize just how magical scented candles are. Are you one of the many who wonder why candles are such a big deal? Let this blog explain it to you!
  • Natural Wax Candles – The Renewable and More Efficient Choice

    The aromatic scent and the warm flickers of a flame can create a wonderful ambiance in your home. Unfortunately, those trusty paraffin candles can disperse not just aromatic fragrances but also toxins that can cause numerous problems, such as health problems, stains on walls/ceilings and pollution. This is why it is important to choose Soy candles because, in the long run, it spells the difference between harm and health.

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