1. How To Use A Wax Melt

    A Quick Guide to Burning Wax Melts Correctly

    Scented wax melts have taken the spotlight in the home fragrance category. This wick-less wax candle can have a wide variety of scents from baked pastries to fresh flowery scents. Although, this scented wax is fondly called melt, it is also known as wax bead, wax pot potpourri and wax melt.

    The key to making the most of the melt's scent is proper burning. When burned correctly, melts emit a powerful scent that can last for up to 12 hours.

    How Should You Burn a Melt?

    Since a melt is a candle without a wick, you need to use a melt burner to burn it. The melt burner looks quite identical as to shape and size to an oil burner. It can be a glass, metal or ceramic container which has a dish on top. This dish is heated to melt the melt. The source of heat for these melt burners can either be electricity or tea lights.

    Tealight vs. Electric

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