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The Benefits of Organic/Cruelty-free Products

Why is going organic and cruelty-free a great choice? The decision to use organic/cruelty-free products is not uncommon; however, not many are catching on to the reason for choosing organic, primarily because there's a stigma or disgrace with the words 'natural' or 'organic'. The stigma surrounding organic products is that its users are peace activists or are rich and 'can afford it'. The truth is that organic and cruelty-free products serve more of a purpose to human beings than realized.

The word 'organic' can be defined as 'of, relating to, or derived from living matter' and has many benefits; the consistent use of organic skin-care and foods can remove the concern of harmful toxins, chemicals, and useless additives commonly used in the market. So what are the exact benefits in purchasing an organic product, and why is it a great choice? Set aside the stigma or inhibitions you have and consider this:

Health benefits are essentials in the use of organic products. Organics use the main compound chemicals found in the original product; Tung Ting Oolong tea, can improve your skin, treat gastrointestinal problems, and prevent heart disease and cancer. Because the teas we sell are harvested from the root, you encounter less chemicals that can make you sick, and more of what makes you healthy. Commercialized teas often have additives from the processing procedure, often mixed in to preserve the tea for longer periods of time. Our organic tea is not processed by additives, and while the tea may be more likely to lose its original flavor, it will taste less like sugar and more like its root – and you'll be drinking it too quickly to look at an expiration date!

Therapeutic benefits come with organic products. Hot teas and natural scents from candles, herbs, and oils can help you both psychologically and physically. The scents and flavors of the earth can bring you one with nature, and block out all of the “noise” from reality.
Using organic herbs in your cooking can benefit your health, and the taste of the food. Herbs can help protect against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. A lot of spices can act as antioxidants for illness and many of the beneficial chemicals found in herbs are also in teas.

There's no doubt that organic products can improve your health. Cruelty-free products are equally as important because these products are never tested on animals. Peace activist or not, if an animal was required to test a product, there was an obvious question of safety. Each cruelty-free product lacks the chemicals that most commercial products contain, removing the possibility of allergies or sickness. It's common for commercial products to have Formaldehyde, the chemical used to embalm dead bodies, and has been linked to asthma, cancer, and immune system damage.

Organic, cruelty-free products won't harm you; in fact, they'll make you healthier! Common sunscreens include possible skin irritation, allergies, and hormone disruption, caused from the reaction of chemicals and sunlight.

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