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Palm Wax Vs Soy Wax; The Difference Between The Two.

Soy wax is very popular for many things, including making scented candle wax. However, there is another wax that is being used now, and seems to be becoming more popular than soy wax. It's called palm wax. Not many people know a lot about it, but those who do swear that it's the best to use for so many reasons. This post will look into the differences between both palm and soy wax, and see which one is better to use. See which wax you will enjoy using more; palm or soy!


One of the big differences between these waxes is that Palm wax is 100% bio gradable and water soluble. However, soy wax can only be water soluble and bio gradable if it is pure. Though both of these vegetable waxes can be bio gradable and water soluble, the only one that can be at any time is palm wax. Sometimes there are impure ingredients put in soy wax to make it not bio gradable and water soluble. This makes palm wax easier and safer to use, rather than the mostly used soy wax.


Another great, and important, difference is that palm wax can burn for a long time and keep the scented candle smelling good for longer periods of time. However, soy scented candles burn fast and the smell can be gone quicker than most people would like. Palm wax can burn for hours at a time and make your home smell lovely. Soy wax, on the other hand, can burn quickly and be out within two hours. The scented candle of soy wax can also lose its scent within the first hour or more, depending on what soy wax scented candle is bought.


Palm wax is one of the easier waxes to renew and use. For instance, it takes many people to produce and make soy, while palm wax only needs 1/10th of what soy wax needs. The land and ingredients put into soy wax is double, sometimes triple, the amount of what is used in palm wax. Palm wax can be renewed within a couple days or a week, while for soy wax it can take a few weeks or a couple months to do.


Lastly, palm wax is 100% environmentally friendly and made with zero toxins. Soy wax, however, is chemically refined. Soy wax has ingredients that include acrylic acid and ethylene. Palm wax is made from palm fruitlets and distilled to be a 100% organic and chemical free wax that is safe to use anywhere and at any time.


Palm wax is becoming more and more popular and used more than soy wax. It's all for a good reason, too. Palm wax is made with zero chemicals, is bio gradable, and when used in a scented candle, can burn for long periods of time without losing its scent. When buying scented candles, always make sure to buy something environmentally friendly and safe to use in your home. Check out some lovely palm wax scented candles, and see what you like better; palm wax, or soy wax!

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