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Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Which Tea?

It's no secret that tea can have plenty of health benefits. These benefits range from cancer prevention to helping with weight loss and even being a sleep aid, in addition to keeping the common cold away. But, the question is, which tea is good for which? There are three main teas to consider when drinking tea, these being green tea, black tea, and white tea. These teas have some things in common, while other aspects can be different. Let's see which tea helps with what health concerns, while you decide which tea sounds the best for you when choosing tea.

First on the list is green tea. This tea is filled with an antioxidant called, catechins. This antioxidant helps aid in growing healthy cells, and is known to keep cancer cells away.

Green tea is also known for helping with weight loss. It can burn fat and is a good fix for when you're craving a sugary drink, such as a soda.

Green tea is also a great tea to drink if you want to stay heart healthy. It keeps your blood pressure down and prevents heart diseases like congestive heart failure. Green tea also makes you feel mentally alert.

Next on the list is black tea. Black tea is has a variety of antioxidants. This tea is known to prevent a ton of cancers, including stomach, lung, ovarian, prostate, and oral cancer.

Black tea can also strengthen your bones since it has phytochemicals in its herbs. Black tea is also known to keep your gums healthy, your teeth strong, and keep away bad breath.

Other positives to drinking black tea is it helps prevent the flu or common cold. Inside black tea is tannins. Tannins are known to fight against the flu and colds, and have gotten rid of tumors.

Lastly, there's white tea. White tea also has many antioxidants which can help keep you healthy in many ways. White tea helps keep your skin healthy and from gaining too many wrinkles from being in the sun too long. White tea has also been helpful in controlling the amount of frown lines from stress. White tea also gives your skin a beautiful glow.

White tea is great at boosting your immune system. It is full of natural antibiotics which can prevent and destroy any unhealthy cells and germs that may invade your body. White tea can also ease symptoms of HIV.

Each tea has many benefits and can help with a plethora of health issues. All of these teas can help aid in a healthier, happier life and transform your way of living. You can't go wrong with either tea, making your choice in tea beverage a win-win-win situation. Get in on the benefits of drinking tea and see what white, green, and black tea can do for you. Lose weight with green tea, boost your immune system with white tea, and strengthen your bones with black tea! Start drinking each tea and reap in the benefits of each one.

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