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Rooibos Teas

Rooibos tea is a smooth, sweet tasting red tea that stems from the South African Red Bush. Though it is not a true tea, the silky flavor of Rooibos has made it a popular tea among tea drinkers worldwide.

If you enjoy tea that is refreshing with a smooth, creamy quality then why not treat yourself to one of our luxurious red teas from our Rooibos range. The naturally sweet character of the Rooibos range will tantalise your tastebuds, and because Rooibos tea is so great for your health, you will feel great for drinking it!

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Originating from the South African, Western Cape Province, Rooibos tea is a naturally caffeine-free herbal blend that has been praised for its remarkable health advantages. This hearty, earthy flavored tea has been long recognised in South Africa for its outstanding ability to promote overall health, but is now gaining momentum among Western tea drinkers, particularly the health conscious. These health benefits are owed to the high levels of antioxidants the Rooibos leave contain which also aid in slowing and reversing the aging process and protecting from chronic diseases such as cancer.

In South Africa, Rooibos is consumed in much the same manner as black tea, often with the addition of milk and sugar according to taste. It can also be served with a slice of lemon or honey if desired. Rooibos has become so popular that is has even prompted ‘spin-offs’ such as ‘red espresso’, a concentrated form of the tea which is served and presented like ordinary espresso. This has inspired a range of red, rooibos-based variations on coffee which are fast becoming popular.

Our fine assortment of quality red rooibos teas are the perfect way to relax and enjoy a few quiet moments to yourself, and with USDA certified organic and fair trade options, The Sun Garden has something for everyone.