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Black Teas

Because black tea is the most popular tea across the country, The Sun Garden offers a delicious range of flavored black teas which will offer something for even the most meticulous of tea drinkers.

Our range of black teas include more traditional brews such as “English Breakfast” and “Classic Earl Grey” for those who grew up with a timeless cuppa. For those who want to try something a little different, why not sample something a little more eclectic like our “Ayurvedic Balance Tea” or “Rum Black”.

Choose the tea that everyone will love, from our wide selection of flavored black teas, here at The Sun Garden!

There are no products matching the selection yet. However, we are always working hard to bring you the best of new products every week.

Black tea has been brewed and enjoyed for centuries and has gained popularity because of its smooth, crisp taste as well as the positive health benefits that it provides when consumed. Our range includes earthy “Yunnan Gold Tip”, robust “China Orange Pekoe Black” and exotic “Golden Black Gunpowder”. Our top-quality assortment of quality black teas are the perfect way to relax and enjoy a few quiet moments out of your hectic day, and with USDA certified organic and fair trade options, The Sun Garden has something for everyone.

Black tea is made from the leaves, stems and buds of the camellia plant and is left to ferment and curl under the sunlight in a natural manner. Black tea is popular and well-known to be full of antioxidants which are fantastic for promoting health amongst regular consumers. Our range of black teas include ingredients that are sourced both locally and internationally and many of our teas can be enjoyed both hot and cold and are can be enhanced with other ingredients such as honey if desired.