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Because teas come in all different shapes and sizes, our mouth-watering range of delectable tea choices have been organised according to their type and appearance, to make it easier for you to find the right tea for your pleasure.

Our range of delightfully satisfying teas are available in a range of vibrant colours as well as beautiful blooming and flowering varieties that make the perfect gift for passionate lovers of tea. Classic teas such as “Black” and “Green” are available for those who enjoy the fresh taste of more traditional varieties, with more exotic teas such as “Rooibos (Red)” and “Mate’” included in our selection for those whose palates are just a little more discerning.

There are no products matching the selection yet. However, we are always working hard to bring you the best of new products every week.

Our fantastic collection of natural teas have been categorised by way of appearance for your convenience.

Choose from our extensive selection of teas including our spectacular range of blooming and flowering teas, Ceylon Black, Herbal Tisanes, Mate’ as well as our remarkable variety of Green, Red and White teas.

Selecting the right tea for you has never been easier with The Sun Garden’s convenient categories. With something for everyone, you can choose the tea that appeals to you based on the style of tea that you prefer, or for its attractive qualities.