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Chocolate & Sweets Flavored Tea

Here at The Sun Garden, we like a bit of luxury. That’s why we offer a superlative range of decadent chocolate teas, which will delight your senses and give you that much needed pick-me-up!

Our extensive range of rich chocolate teas offers something for everyone. For those that enjoy the traditional taste of tea, try our more conventional range of teas such as “Chocolate Black” and “Hazelnut Chocolate Black” which have had the sweetness of pure chocolate added. For the more exotic tea drinker, try our exceptional “Chocolate Puer” or our smooth “Rooibos Choco-Mint” for a more striking tea experience.

Experience the glamour of chocolate and sit back with the lavish atmosphere that this exquisite range creates. 

There are no products matching the selection yet. However, we are always working hard to bring you the best of new products every week.

Perfect for winter and fall, The Sun Garden’s range of decadent chocolate teas are ideal for cold evenings by the fireplace. Our selection of indulgent chocolate brews are made from beautiful, natural chocolate which, when infused, will provide a rich chocolate flavor without the calories of regular chocolate. This makes our delicious dessert teas a great way of enjoying a moment of sinfully delicious luxury without the guilt. It’s no wonder that chocolate makes the top ten best tea flavors!

Our special blends include chocolate paired with premium teas such as black Ceylon or refreshing green. The sweet taste and creamy texture of our chocolate teas mean they are excellent served on ice with a splash of milk and sugar or as a hot sugar-free treat to enjoy on a cool evening, and because they contain all natural ingredients, you are doing something good for your body and your health.  

Our delectable dessert teas have dramatic chocolate notes tempered with the sharp taste of tea. The dark richness of natural chocolate flavors combined with the silky smooth texture of tea makes for one seriously scrumptious treat!

Our rich chocolate teas can be consumed hot or cold and can be taken with honey, sugar or milk if desired. If they are being offered as a dessert drink they can be dressed up as a latte with a splash of fresh cream, or can be iced for a cool, refreshing summer treat the whole family will enjoy.  Take a few quiet moments to savor the richness of one of The Sun Garden’s premium chocolate infusions.