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Earl Grey Flavored Tea

Hailed worldwide for its distinctive flavor, Earl Grey tea is a tea blend comprised of tea leaves and the characteristic flavor and aroma derived from the rind of the fragrant, bergamot orange.

One of the most widely available teas around the world, Earl Grey’s distinctive perfume taste has made it a favourite by tea enthusiasts everywhere! Savour the rich taste of the sweet bergamot orange whilst enjoying a few tranquil minutes of pure bliss in a cup.

Try a superior cup of delicious Earl Grey from our selection, and experience the taste of pure quality. 

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Early Grey is thought to be named after The Second Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the early 1830s, and is one of the most popular teas in the western world. Its popularity has become so widespread that it has made appearances throughout popular culture. Both Star Trek’s ‘Captain Picard’ and The Da Vinci Code’s ‘Sir Leigh Teabing’ are self-confessed drinkers of Earl Grey. Traditionally, Earl Grey is made from a blend of black teas but its widespread popularity has also resulted in a range of ‘spin-off’ teas such as “Earl Grey Green” and “Rooibos Earl Grey”, all of which are also available in the Sun Garden range. These variations have the same bright, bold taste that tea lovers thirst for, with their own unique characteristics.

Earl Grey is also known to be used as a way of flavouring many culinary dishes including savoury sauces and sweet baking. The tea can be added to stocks and batters, can be the liquid in which fruit is poached or can even be added to cream before being whipped and served. It has also been used historically as a drink mixer, in particular with gin. This makes Earl Grey not only a satisfying beverage but a unique flavoured addition to many different foods.

The Sun Garden’s range of Earl Grey teas contain wonderfully citrusy, aromatic undertones and are the perfect accompaniment to a busy ladies luncheon, or for a relaxing wind down with a book.