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Because flavored tea comes in so any delicious, mouth-watering flavors, here at The Sun Garden we want to make your choices as simple as possible. That’s why we have arranged our heavenly selection of authentic teas according to their flavors.

Our full-bodied range of delectable teas are available in rich flavors such as aromatic “Jasmine Teas”, rich and robust “Chocolate Teas” and traditional tasting “Earl Grey Teas”.

Pick your favourite flavor and take a few moments to sip and enjoy the unique character of a freshly brewed cup of tea in your favourite flavor. 

There are no products matching the selection yet. However, we are always working hard to bring you the best of new products every week.

Choosing the perfect tea has never been easier with our convenient ‘Flavor’ category.

If you enjoy a strong fragrance from a delicate tea, then choose from our aromatic selection of scented Jasmine, soothing Lavender and classic Earl Grey teas for a delightfully fragrant experience that also packs a powerful flavor punch.

Those who prefer a fresh, fruity flavor that will be both refreshing and rehydrating, should look no further than our juicy range of premium Fruit teas. This mouth-watering array includes our succulent Peach and zesty Lemon range which will give you crisp, clean taste. If you enjoy the mild bite of spice instead, you will enjoy something from our selection of sharp Ginger teas or the gentle warmth of our Cinnamon collection.

Our Mint teas are one of the most popular choices for tea drinkers because of their soothing nature and the health benefits that are claimed to take effect in those who consume Mint tea regularly. It should come as no surprise that our rich range of Chocolate teas are also extremely popular and well-liked. These are enjoyed by anyone who enjoy a bit of luxury and are a must-have for any true chocolate lover!