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Outdoor Scents

Our dazzling collection of all natural palm-wax candles come in a remarkable range of lavish, nature-inspired outdoor scents, and will brighten your interiors with long lasting, refreshing fragrance.  

Designed to invigorate and revitalise your senses, our alluring range of outdoor scents will add fresh, clean fragrance to your surroundings and make your home feel lively and refreshed. Our vibrant selection of pure outdoor scents are inspired from the purity of nature itself, and offer a unique fragrance to suit even the most discerning of candle lovers. Inspired by unforgettable outdoor experiences, you can enjoy the scent of that exuberant camping trip, that exciting international travel trip or that tough hike at any time that suits you, and because these scents are reminiscent of the outdoors, you can sit back, relax and transcend the seasons, being able to enjoy a warm ‘Midsummer Night’ even in the thick of winter.

With luxury fragrances such as romantic ‘Paris Twilight,’ sugary ‘Wild Mountain Honey,’ and peppery ‘Bristol Smokey Pine,’ you can infuse your interiors with crisp, wholesome outdoor fragrance all year long, and bring the magic of the great outdoors, into your home.